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This is version 1.0 of this NNMReDATA J_reader. For more information or contact, visit here.

What is currently parsed?

What can be modified?

Input files labelled * have been edited from the original ones (removing a root-level folder).

“The Workshop”:

Editing the model: guided conversion to 3D structure

This area is enabled from the "add H's and make 3D" button above.

Warning: Generation of 3D models does not guarantee the proper stereochemistry. It must be checked and validated by the user, aided by the tools below.

Add H's & make 3D:
Calculation will stop after 400 steps, or when −ΔE<0.001 Force stop

When result is not good enough, try further iterations of Calculation will stop after 100 steps, or −ΔE<0.001

If stereochemistry correction is needed, and then click on optimise

Refresh structure from main panel
Transfer structure to main panel
(appended to the 2D model)
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Save to a 3D SDF file
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Manual designation of atom pairs as interchangeable (ambiguous assignment):

This will be saved in the NRMEDATA_ASSIGNMENT tag of the 3D model.

You should 1); 2) click on 2 atoms; 3) the result.

Manual designation of atom pairs as equivalent (known to have same chemical shift):

This will be saved in the NRMEDATA_ASSIGNMENT tag of the 3D model.

You should 1); 2) click on 2 or more atoms; 3) the result.


Alatis form, used temporarily by the page; it will be hidden for real use:

Submission form to ALATIS

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